How can I help?

We need all the help we can get – every contribution is welcome. The principal requirement is financial support and no contribution is too small. There are many different ways to help. Choose the way that suits you best:
  • Become a supporter - make a one-off donation of any amount you choose.                                                   
  • Become a monthly supporter through a direct debit on your bank account. Every three months we update the gifts received as we send out The Newsletter: A Hope in the Dark. 
  • Become a monthly supporter with a focus on children. Write ‘children’ on the reference line to ensure your donation goes to work involving children (although not to a specific child).
    Transfer within Sweden, use PlusGiro 90 04 99-5
    For international transfer to the foundation, use:
    Bankadress; Nordeabank Sweden, SE 105 73 Stockholm,
    IBAN: SE1395000099602609004995,
  • Instead of flowers or a gift.
    We can help you. Whoever you wish to congratulate or honor might appreciate a donation to poor children just as much as another box of chocolates or flowers. We will send a card from a selection of Maj-Lis’s originals.
    What to do:
    Mark the transfer to our account with ‘Congratulations’, ‘Happy Birthday’, ‘In memory of’, etc.
    Write the name, address, telephone number or email of the person you want the Foundation to send the greeting to.  (Write where??)
    Choose one of the 4 Gift Cards and tell us whom it is for. (Same as last bit?) If you would like to write the greeting yourself, we will send you the Gift Card.
  • When it is your birthday, ask for a Gift Card, with a donation to the Foundation.
  • Sign up for the Newsletter. Read and tell others about our work. Sign up here. 
  • Recruit a friend as a supporter. Tell your friends and acquaintances about our work and how they – your friends – can support our work.
  • Sign a will. Think about our poor children, old and destitute when you make arrangements for your will.
  • Book a visit. If your church, school or business would like us to come and present our work to you,   please contact us. Maybe it could be the start of a rewarding collaboration. E-mail the board to book a visit: styrelsen @
  • Become a volunteer. Come and help us!  The organisation MPF is always on the look out for anyone over 18 who is willing to work voluntarily and support us. You can be located anywhere with basic computer skills.
  • Other donations can be recieved on Mondays after contacting us.

If you have any other ideas on how we could develop our work and raise more funds you are very welcome to contact us!